“I had always wanted to try personal training, but was intimidated, and wasn’t sure I could stick with it. After working with Jessica, I realized I was focused on the wrong things. What I learned from her is that it’s not just about gaining muscle, or losing weight. It’s about having fun, feeling better, making friends and believing in yourself. My experience with her as my trainer made me believe I could do more, both mentally and physically. She has inspired me to live a better life everyday, make better choices and, above all, look forward to physical activity instead of just fitting it in to my schedule. I consider her a friend and would recommend her to everyone I know.”

~Jeff S.

“I met Jessica when I first began my journey to a better physical and mental space. Jessica is a wonderful and caring person. I never felt judged by her or insecure when working with her, which was a huge thing for me. I battle with depression and anxiety, so being able to work with someone who was so understanding and caring was truly a blessing. I learned so much about weight training, cardio and healthy eating habits by working with Jessica. She inspired me, gave me hope and was always there when I had a question or needed support. She always goes above and beyond, which is truly exceptional in todays world. I highly recommend her as a fitness trainer. She’s professional, trustworthy, honest, caring and supportive. Basically, she rocks!”

~Jessica A.

“I always look forward to my workouts with Jessica.  She is a great combination of compassion and toughness to help me with my strength and balance.”

~Karen R.