Why I Don’t Buy Clothes that are Too Small

Ladies, how many of you have been out shopping and have over-heard (or said) something along the lines of, “Well, if I buy this in a smaller size, I’ll finally lose those few extra pounds!”?

I was out shopping the other day at Kohl’s (they have a really good sale on their clearance clothing!) when I thought to myself that something needs to be said about this.

If you are one of these women: STOP.

I cannot tell you how many clients have used this as a strategy to lose weight.  But I can tell you that it hardly ever is a successful strategy.

What ends up happening is you end up getting frustrated.  Yes, I’m guilty of having done this before, too.  And I’m not sure why it seems like such a great idea to us.  “Oh, of course I’ll get this a size too small! Then it’ll really motivate me to lose weight so I can look good in it!”

This thought is so completely wrong (and don’t even get me started on women who buy wedding dresses too small!!). Ultimately, what ends up happening is frustration and body shaming.  We blame ourselves for not being able to fit into a silly piece of clothing.

“It must be because I had that cookie; that’s the reason why I still can’t get these pants halfway up my thighs.”

Heaven forbid the reason be that you weren’t created to be a size 2 or that you were made to have more curves–it obviously has to be the cookie.

And then what happens? You have this adorable outfit that you can’t wear because it doesn’t fit and then you end up hating your body for it.

If you were to take a look in my closet, I have almost every size imaginable. Shirts that are size small, medium, large, and sometimes an extra-small.  Pants and jeans that range from a size 3 to an 8. And you know what? I’m okay with that.

I don’t buy my clothes for the number, because that number doesn’t mean anything about your body.  Clothing sometimes runs small and sometimes it runs large–a small in one store might be a medium in another. So why do we put so much thought in to the number on a tag?

After all, we don’t lose weight to make the clothes look good–we wear clothes to make us look good. And more importantly, feel good.  Don’t buy something that doesn’t make you look or feel good about yourself.

Embrace your size and embrace whatever number makes you feel great about yourself (or in my case, numbers!)

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