Motivation: How to Find it (Again!)

We’ve all been there before.  You’re consistently working out, tracking your nutrition, taking your supplements and making sure you get all of your water in.  And then, all of a sudden, something happens and you have a set back.  Or nothing happens and you just don’t feel like you are in your groove anymore.  What happened to your motivation and how do you find it again?!

Finding motivation isn’t always easy.

You are definitely not alone.  A lack of motivation happens to everyone–even athletes, personal trainers, fitness models and those who make a living out of being healthy.  The most important thing, is that you learn how to find it again.

This is the hardest part, as most often, something that motivated you in the beginning, might not be as motivating to you now.  Sometimes finding what motivates you is a workout in itself.  It’s forever changing.  You might start with an increase in energy as your prime motivator, however that will eventually wear off, as you become used to the effects that exercise has on your energy levels, meaning that you need to find a new motivator.

Here are some common motivators:

-Increased energy

-Increased productivity

-Clothes fitting looser (or tighter, depending on goal)

-Number on scale (moving up or down, depending on goal)

-Noticing changes in your body (such as muscle growth, lost inches, etc)

But, there are times when you may hit a plateau and these motivators are no longer noticed as often.  This is when you need to find something else that motivates you.

Visual Aids to Motivate:

For me, I am a huge visual person, so I created a bulletin board full of things that keep me going strong.

As you can see, I have a “vision” board in which I have images and words that serve as my inspiration: a female doing a pull-up as that is one of my goals, females with muscles, and the words “strength,” “committed,” “motivated,” “power,” and “live fit.” These words remind me of the way I want to live my life and how I want to be.

On the other boards, I have quotes that I find empowering and inspiring (thanks, Pinterest!). Whenever I am having a day where I can’t seem to find the strength to go workout, I read over the quotes and often feel refreshed and ready to go!

In addition to inspiring quotes and images, I have a calendar in which to track my workouts, a cork board where I post my current goals, and a white board where I keep track of my achievements and “streak” of workouts.  I have found that posting my achievements motivates me to want to beat them the next time around.  After all, you are your biggest competition, right?

Lastly, sometimes all it takes to get motivated is a little push.  Suck it up, lace up your gym shoes and tell yourself you are only going to exercise for ten minutes.  Ten minutes is nothing, and chances are, you will end up getting that endorphin rush and finishing a full workout.

Try some of these out, and if you find something else that motivates you, drop it in the comments and help a person out! Just don’t give up!

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