Motivation Monday

How exciting–my very first post falls on none other than Motivation Monday!

Motivation comes in all sorts of places and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what works best for you.  Other times, what used to motivate you no longer does and you have to find the inspiration all over again.  Every Monday I will be posting different things in hopes of you finding your motivation to crush your goals.

Today, I want to talk about a mantra.  One of my personal favorite mantras is “why not me?”  I see so many people wishing that they were someone else–someone fit, someone successful, someone good at sports, makeup, etc.  I blame social media for a lot of the “I wish I was…”, but why can’t you be who you want to be?

I am guilty of this as well, and often have to say to myself, “why not me?” And you know what? A lot of the time, it’s not you is because we do nothing to start! So, let’s begin! This blog is for those of you who want to be “fit” whatever that may mean to you: losing fat, gaining muscle, eating more healthfully, being more flexible, managing stress more healthily…fit can have many different meanings depending on who you are.

I want to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need for you to reach your goals! It’s not impossible to be fit, but it is a process and the more you learn to enjoy the process, the better off you will be! So let’s get started, because “why not you?!”

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